Traveler Thoughts

Life Is Quite Simple

I feel like a true traveler. This time, I’m writing from Miami International Airport, I’m currently standing in the immigration line, which is veeery long, so I decided to drop a few lines. Every time I travel, especially this one, I take a moment to let my mind go and think about life. One of the reasons why I love traveling is because it makes me realize I’m so tiny!

While in the air, I see the very small houses, cities, mountains, and even the ocean. And I ask myself, why? In a world that is so big, sometimes I worry about things that are so little?




I look around now and there’s probably more than one thousand people surrounding me, each different, each with a life, each very small. So I think, possibilities are endless. Only today I didn’t know I was taking a flight and sleeping in another country!

I convince myself into a way of thinking: dream big, worry little, stay focused. Traveling is what I want, since the intention is there, things just happen. Just like today. I’m happy 🙂