Traveling light

How to become a packing expert.

I am super excited because I will be traveling for two weeks to multiple destinations! Spoiler alert: Brussels, Athens, Istanbul, Dubai & Moscow! I know that it’s crazy to cover all these cities in just two weeks, but that’s another story I might tell you later. I knew it was going to be expensive to cover these destinations in just two weeks, so I tried my best to book the cheapest flights without sacrificing time, meaning I only chose direct flights. But no space for a big suitcase, only a carry-on. I always try to travel light, in any case, who wants to carry 20 kg around the world?! Well, maybe lots of people, but not me.

Once I finished booking everything, I realized these places are completely different weather-wise. So I started to panic: How on earth would I fit clothes for two weeks in order to handle super cold and super hot temperatures?! Well, I managed to pack everything that I’ll need, keep reading to learn how I did it!


First off, I chose the must-take: sweater, coat, winter hat, gloves, scarf, sandals, slippers & travel kit.

Then I tried to choose my favorite clothes, only to realize that I’ve been wearing them constantly for the past few weeks. I thought: what’s with all the clothes I don’t wear anymore?! I should definitely get rid of them… Then it hit me! I should pack the clothes that I don’t want anymore and toss them after wearing them each day! Then my suitcase will become lighter and lighter!

And so I selected everything I don’t want anymore: t-shirts, shirts, pants, shorts, even socks, and underwear. I came up with a big pile on my bed, so then I tried to combine colors and make an outfit for each day, depending on where will I be. I did get rid of those things I really don’t want to wear anymore.


Once I had selected everything the tricky part started: how would I fit everything into my suitcase. So I put everything in by size order: the big coat in first, then pants, then shirts, t-shirts, underwear and socks to fill in the gaps. I rolled every item because supposedly doing this saves space. Well voila! Everything fit just perfect! Total weight: 9.8 kilos!  I now declare myself a packing expert!

I do have some other tips:

  • Pack only necessary things.
  • Take two pairs of shoes/tennis, you will get tired of walking in the same ones for several days.
  • Take basic small bath items, less than 100ml. Shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, lotion and soap will do.
  • Don’t bring any sharp objects, knives, or scissors. Remember airport regulations.
  • If possible, pack a small towel & bathing suit, you never know…


Have you ever done something similar? What are your packing tips to travel light?