What present should I get for my mom?
An Unforgettable Gift

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There’s always a good reason to give something to my mom, but of course, there are some special dates like her birthday, mother’s day or Christmas, when I want to give her something really amazing that expresses how much I love her. But I have to say that throughout the years it’s getting a little bit harder to find the perfect gift. I’m sure that you have also given all sort of things to your mom: flowers, clothes, perfumes, maybe a watch, a purse or a wallet. Sounds familiar?


On top of that, when you buy something nice to her, the expectations for the next one rise, so it gets even harder to find something that really excites her. You can see why my head was spinning the last time I gave her something, I really wanted it to be special, and the more I looked, the more confused I got, nothing seemed to please me.

After thinking deep, I came to the conclusion that in life what we most remember are happy moments, not things. So I decided to give her just that, an experience: a trip to Guatemala. And it is the best gift I have ever given to my Mom!


Here’s why:

You live a trip before, during and after it.
Planning it was very exciting, we got together to decide what places to visit and imagine ourselves there was a big part of the experience. Of course, actually living it was the best part, we learned from another culture, and we enjoyed new places, something that enriched our souls. And obviously, we will never forget it, when we see the pictures is like if we were there again, and when we remember it we still get excited.


Nothing will make a mom happier than spending time with her children.
Think about it, the real reason why you give her something is to be close to her and spend time by her side. After the trip with my mom, she hasn’t stopped talking about the wonderful time we spent together.


The gift was also for me.
Besides the fact that traveling is amazing, spending time with my mom was the most important thing for me. I remembered the good moments of my childhood, but at the same time I enjoyed being with my mom and got to know her more, which is just invaluable.


Now, I know what you are thinking, a trip can be expensive. I know I won’t be able to take my mom traveling on every special occasion. But I am sure that from now on I will choose to give her experiences: a weekend away on some place nearby, a day on the beach, a massage, a day at a Park or at least taking her to have lunch.


What to you think? What is the best present you have ever given to your mom?