A Horrible Beach Town

Don’t Ever Go To Playa del Carmen

Like every other weekend I spent last one in Playa del Carmen, you won’t like it at all. It is disadvantageously located just 60 kilometres away from Cancun. I just hate it, I have to drive for half an hour on a straight road surrounded by blue skies, wild nature and hideous palm trees.

As soon as I arrive I see that Playa del Carmen is so little I can walk all over it, I mean walk? Really? Quinta Avenida or Fifth Avenue (Copy much like New York?) has endless shops: Armani, H&M, Holister, Victoria’s Secret… what a terrible place!

I get to the beach just to realize the ocean is so calm there’s almost no waves! Awful tones of blue water and white sands… Yuck!… Mamita’s Beach? No, thank you!

Then I get hungry and I think of eating at one of the many restaurants with repulsive views!

The night falls, everyone goes to the 12th avenue: THE WORST. A street next to the beach with 20 or 30 crowded bars and clubs, loud music and of course everyone’s dancing. Definitely not the place to be in!

And yes, the place is full of people from all over the world! Girls with bubble buts, shirtless guys with their six pack… What a waste of time, please take me out of there!

Have you been to Playa? Leave a comment and tell me your how your nightmares came true in this horrible beach town!