Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya

My 29th Birthday Celebration

I’m all about celebrating my birthday. Ever since I was a child I’ve had great parties or traveled for my special day, so this past October 10th was not going to be an exception. I decided I wanted to get away for the weekend with Albert. You know, forget about work, cooking, all the routine and instead be pampered, enjoy paradise, have some drinks, but also party hard! So what better place to do it than Hard Rock Hotel in Riviera Maya?




We got there on friday 9th in the afternoon, we were super excited! Since the beginning hotel service was great. The hotel is divided in two areas, Hacienda and Heaven, of course in Heaven, where we stayed, no kids are allowed, which is awesome. We were welcomed to our fancy room and as soon as we walked in we hit the mini bar, because all inclusive! We were getting ready to go to the pools and beach, but oh no, it started raining! So we decided to go to eat instead to the italian restaurant Ciao, which was really great. As it happens in Riviera Maya, the rain went away pretty fast, it was time for some vitamin sea.




After a while relaxing under the sun and a bath in our room’s jacuzzi we headed to Le Petit Cochon, a french restaurant in the resort that was exquisit to say the least! Afterwards we went to Heaven, the amazing Hard Rock Hotel nightclub that is so cool it has a big pool in the middle! It was the perfect setting to welcome my 29th birthday!




As we woke up late we had brunch with mimosas, I was planning on having a peaceful birthday laying on a beach bed when suddenly a foam party started at the main pool! I had THE best time! It was my first foam party ever and it was so much fun. Between the drinks I had and all the soap that got into my mouth I felt so happily drunk! Hard Rock Hotel definitely knows how to party!




Afterwards we had dinner TWICE! First at Ipanema, a brazilian style restaurant with meat spades, then later at Zen, asian food where we had a delicious Teppanyaki you can’t miss if you ever stay at this hotel. At night, we went back to Heaven, but Albert was so full from eating we headed back to sleep, I know, total party poopers.




On sunday we spent a few more hours enjoying Hard Rock Hotel before going home. Next year I’ll be 30, so I have to start planning something EPIC. What do you suggest? Feel free to give me some ideas on the comments below 🙂