The newest attraction in Cancun: Xavage Park

Xcaret Group has done it again! They just opened another park, only this time in Cancun, just 5 minutes away from the airport! Xavage, pronounced Savage, is the newest attraction at this paradisiac destination set to boost your inner adventurer on fire. Six different activities will make you feel alive, but also they’ll put your braveness to test. Here I’ll share with you all you need to know about Xavage, how to prepare for the adventure and my experience while visiting this new park.

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Xavage offers six different activities to defy your limits plus another one for children. I did all of them, even the one for kids haha.

  • Monkey. An intense rope course suspended in the air with four different levels, from easy to hard, for you to choose. First I did the easy level, which is not that easy, is challenging! After I finished it, I tried again on the second level but failed, haha. I had lots of fun doing this activity!
  • Crocodile. Kayak through pacific water canals, a nice way to disconnect and relax for a while. I really enjoyed it, although I have to say I got tired really quick. Maybe I have to exercise more?
  • Serpent. This is the children area, it’s actually pretty cool even for adults! I sneaked into it and felt like a child again. It has waterslides, bridges, fountains and a wading pool.
  • Dragonfly. A ride on a fast jet boat through narrow canals! This one was my favorite. A certified driver takes you speeding through the canals and spins the boat as fast as he can. I felt pure adrenaline!

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  • Hawk. A zip-line on a horizontal position that aims to make you feel like flying. I didn’t enjoy it as I hoped to. I’ve already experienced a shorter version of it at Xenses, so I expected it to be more intense. If I have the choice to do it again, I would rather do Dragonfly or Barracuda twice.
  • Puma. An insane off-road adventure on big-ass vehicles! This was the complete opposite of Hawk, sooo intense! The experience of driving over big rocks, obstacles, stairs, and even cars was amazing.
  • Barracuda. (*insert barracuda song* haha) The only water rapids in the Caribbean! I was so scared of doing this activity, I was afraid of falling off the boat or of not being able to paddle fast enough, but this was incredible and I survived! There’s a guide that helps you to figure out how to do it and how to stay in the boat, which is great. I got so excited that by the time the activity finished I only wanted more.


The admission price will vary depending on how many activities you choose. The packages give you “Xhots” to do the activities you desire. Serpent, Crocodile, and Monkey are included in the basic admission and these three activities you can repeat as many times as you want. If you want to do one of the other activities twice you’ll have to use one of your Xhots or buy an extra one at the activity entrance.


These are the regular prices in USD, consider that if you book with more than 21 days in advance you can get a 15% discount! Also, children under the age of 4 get free admission, between the ages of 5 and 11 get 50% off.

Xavage Soft Basic + 1 Activity
Xavage Hard, Basic + Buffet + 2 Activities
Xavage Extreme, Basic + Buffet + 3 Activities
Xavage Ultimate, Basic + Buffet + 4 Activities

XAVAGE, the new park from Xcaret that will defy your limits with 6 activities on the water, the air and land.

Click on the banner and then enter this code: VIVAXA19 for an extra $5 Dollars discount

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My recommendation is that once you’re done with the activities follow to the buffet, otherwise, you’ll be too full to enjoy. And believe me, you will be full after eating, the buffet is so good! You’ll find famous flavored water, Mexican dishes, salads, pasta and lots of deserts. Feel like trying something new? There are also wild specialties! You can also eat crocodile, ostrich, buffalo, rabbit, octopus, lionfish and wild boar!

All in all, Xavage is so worth it! It’s amazing to find such adventure activities in Cancun! It’s always exciting doing things for the first time and what better place to do so? Totally recommended! When you go, please share your experience and photos with me on instagram #friendlytouring.


Other tips and info:

  • Start by doing the rope course in the morning, when the sun is not that intense.
  • Bring tennis shoes, you’ll perform better on the rope course rather than wearing wet shoes.
  • Wear a long sleeve wet shirt, I wore a short sleeve one and ended up with a horrible tan line on both arms!
  • Use sunblock, you’ll spend all day under the sun. If possible, reapply several times throughout the day.
  • Consider taking a GoPro or buying the photo package, if possible do both!
  • There are free lockers for you to use.