A New Life in the Mexican Caribbean

I think I was born with luck. Life has brought me from here to there, getting the chance to be in unbelievable places. But let me tell you something, there’s no place on earth like Quintana Roo. I moved to Cancun in January of 2013, and once again I proved to myself that I’m a lucky guy. From out of the blue, on my first weekend as a citizen of Quintana Roo, I was invited to Tulum, one of the most iconic places in Mexico.


I instantly fell in love. The beaches are gorgeous, and the boutique hotels add a unique touch to the beach town. I never imagined that such a small place was so chic. I remember I got chills when I was standing on top of the Tulum ruins overlooking the ocean. The Mayans did choose the best place to live in paradise!


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I couldn’t have had a better welcoming to Quintana Roo than that. Between palm trees, enjoying delicious food, watching pelicans flying around and feeling the sea breeze, I realized I’m here to stay.