A Day in Paradise, Step by Step

Xcaret is the perfect definition of how paradise looks like! Just go and see it for yourself. Located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, this gem of the Caribbean will take your breath away. A 210 acres natural park that has plenty to offer, no matter how old, there’s an attraction for you.




There are three general types of admission tickets, all will give you access to most activities, park areas and the night show. Plus admission will grant you access to Plus Lockers Area, provide you with snorkeling gear and includes a buffet at one of the many restaurants you choose. Night Admission begins at 4 pm. These are the prices in USD:

Night Admission
Normal Admission
Plus Admission

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Upon entering, you will breathe fresh air. People smiling and scarlet macaws will give you a warm welcome. Once you leave your things at the lockers, head to the Butterfly Pavilion, where you will be able to see countless butterflies flying among waterfalls. Then go to the Aviary, this sanctuary is a new attraction and one of  the biggest aviaries in America. Here you’ll discover more than 50 different species surrounded by nature.


Follow your morning by going to the Coral Reef Aquarium, but make a stop on the way at the Jaguar Island!


Take a hike on the on the Tropical Jungle Trail, there you will have the chance to see a Natural Museum of Orchids & Bromeliads. When you reach the end of the trail, you will be at the Paradise River, where you can ride a boat on peaceful waters and beautiful scenery.


By then you’ll be feeling hot because of the weather, so it’s time to have a swim in one of the underground rivers! There’s four of them, with almost the same length, some are more open than others that have more caves. It’s up for you to decide, but don’t worry, all are amazing!


The river will take you down to the beach, so it’s the perfect time to take a deep breath, relax and admire the Caribbean Sea. Also, jump in the Natural Pools in front of the ocean!



After all the hiking and swimming you will be starving, so eat all you can at one of the several restaurants. Now don’t get too comfortable because the day keeps on going. Around 4 or 5 pm (make sure to check schedules) there’s a Prehispanic Performance at the Mayan Village. This was probably my favorite one, the music and dances are incredible.


Go back to the lockers, put on some fresh clean clothes and head to the Equestrian Show, taking place in front of the Restaurant La Cocina. By the end of it you’ll be feeling like Viva Mexico! But wait, there’s more! Walk towards the Gran Tlachco Theater. On the way, you’ll see the Chapel of Guadalupe, please take a look inside, it is gorgeous! Also, there’s the Popular Mexican Art Museum and if you still have time go up the Rotating Scenic Tower for a full 360° view of Xcaret!


To conclude your day of awesomeness, take a seat at the Gran Tlachco Theater and prepare yourself for Xcaret México Espectacular, where traditions, history, and culture of Mexico meet in a fiesta of colors and music! Now that’s a day in paradise!


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Useful Tips:

  • You can also book the admission + round transportation from and to your hotel.
  • Take a minute to see the shows schedule for the day and the maps located throughout the park.
  • I recommend you to start your day by doing all the “dry” attractions first and leave the stunning underground rivers and the beach for later. Everyone usually goes to the rivers first, by doing this, you will also avoid crowds.
  • You can take your camera/GoPro with you, but you can also buy a Photo Pass. You’ll see photo spots throughout the park were you can take all the pictures you want and get them all together.
  • If you choose to do an optional activity with extra charge, I recommend you do SeaTrek, a walking tour on the bottom of the ocean! Watch the video below: