Family trip to Mexico City

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“When I got married some years ago, my wife and I dreamt about having a big family – with at least two children.”  Soon enough, the dream came true. Just five years later, we were receiving our second child, Michael. Some years after, as Michael was turning ten, my wife, Maria, thought it would be a great idea to show the kids her native town. So, we save all the money we could for a whole year and look for the best deals in hotels and flights to Mexico City.


Almost everything was set, we only missed the hotel. I must admit that finding a family room was a huge challenge. It seemed that none of the hotels had a suite big enough to hold more than a couple. However, hope dies last!

Finally, all my seeking efforts paid off. I found a fantastic hotel in the heart of the city that had the kind of suite I was looking for — a cozy room in the middle of the downtown, near Mexico City’s main square. I had no hesitation in booking it. I remember it had two double-beds, a gorgeous balcony with extraordinary views and all the appliances you may want in a hotel room.

Our time in Mexico City was amazing. Although we spent more time hanging out, visiting family, and tasting the most exquisite food, we did love that suite. Moreover, when we needed a peaceful spot to charge energy and relaxed after a long day. Another good thing about staying in Central Hoteles was the location. As those hotels are in downtown, every place is relatively near. Even though Mexico City is famous for its high traffic congestions, we had no problems related to them. Actually, we arrived pretty fast wherever we went. So, we believe that the hotel helped us with this. Besides, there were always Ubers and cabs around and a subway station nearby.


I almost forget it. There was also a free cafe bar available 24/7, of which Maria took great advantage. As she’s a coffee lover, every night she went to the lobby and grabbed a cup of coffee. One night she brought me one, too. I immediately notice it was a really good coffee as its aroma stayed overnight.

Because of all these reasons, we can’t wait to come back to Central Hoteles.