Panajachel, Guatemala

Lake Atitlan

The combination of wind and water is freedom for me, open spaces and natural sceneries make my heart beat faster with joy. Places like Hierve el Agua in Oaxaca and Niagara Falls in Canada made me feel complete, infinite. There’s no wonder why I chose to live in Cancun. So when I book a night to visit Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, I knew it was going to be special, but never I thought it was going to move me that much. The place is simply stunning, its energy blew my mind away.


After spending two days in Antigua Guatemala with my mom, we headed to Panajachel, “Pana” how the locals call it, one of the many small villages surrounding Lake Atitlan. Since the pictures incited beauty and we were going to be there only for one night, I knew that I should book the nicest place, and so I did. Hotel Atitlan lays just in front of the lake, 10 minutes away from Panajachel. Tasteful rooms, gorgeous gardens, and an incredible infinity jacuzzi makes this place almost surreal.



As soon as I stood there my jaw dropped. I could feel the freshness of the air and a clean, vibrant energy. We took a private ride on a boat to explore the lake and to take loads of photos, most of them lost because of the faulty memory card I had bought 🙁 !



Three volcanoes rise around the lake: Atitlan, Tolimán, and San Pedro. Their reflection on the water created a surreal effect, I couldn’t see where the water actually started, I felt like I was in an artistic movie, but above all, I felt blessed.

Back in the hotel, I relaxed on a pool recliner for hours, just staring at the amazing view. Of course, I also got into the jacuzzi, which was the cherry on top!


Later I found out that the german explorer Alexander Von Humboldt called Lake Atitlan “the most beautiful lake in the world” well sure it is.