What to do in Antigua

Antigua Guatemala is even more gorgeous than what I had seen in pictures. Three volcanoes: Volcán de Agua, Volcán de Fuego and Volcán Acatenango make the perfect setting for an unforgettable journey. I was amazed by its beauty in every street!


Antigua is actually a small village, you can easily walk everywhere and you’ll even realize that you have already walked some of the streets while wandering around. But as little as it may seem, Antigua has lots of things to do. Every store has its magic, every corner keeps a secret to be revealed. There are many museums, churches and a wide variety of places to eat. But of all the things you can do, be sure not to miss the following:

1.Walk 5ta Avenida Norte
You can’t get more Guatemala than this popular street, set that camera ready to snap hundreds of pictures because here is where the famous Arco de Santa Catalina is. If you feel hungry go to Los Tres Tiempos restaurant, where you’ll find exquisite local food.


2. Sit on a bench at Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor is also known as the central park of Antigua, there’s no better place to have a rest, sit on a bench and enjoy the sound of the Mermaid Fountain in the middle of the park, the view of the waving Guatemalan flag, and the beauty of the Municipality Palace and San Jose Cathedral.


3. Visit CFCE Antigua
I was not expecting to find a Spanish place like this in Guatemala, but Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española is worth to visit. Their buildings are stunning! Plus they have a small museum with a Mayan permanent exhibit.


4. Eat Chocolate at Choco Museo
As you know, Central America is the home of Cacao, the main ingredient in chocolate, which is the main ingredient in happiness! At the Choco Museo you’ll find all sorts of chocolate made and related products, plus a nice patio where you can relax.Buy handicrafts at the Local Market


5. Buy handicrafts at the Local Market
If you are a shopaholic like me, you will love this place. Hundreds of tiny stores gather in this local market where you can buy handicrafts made by Guatemalans, from souvenirs to paintings and clothes, I’m sure you will have a hard time deciding what not to take back home!


6. Pray at San Francisco Church
I am not religious at all, but San Francisco Church is a quite place that invites to think and reflect about life. The building is beautiful and filled with details! This church is famous because here lays the tomb of “Hermano Pedro”,  a religious and very important man in the history of Antigua. If you are interested in learning more, you can also visit its museum, located within the church grounds.


7. Hike to Cerro de la Cruz
One of the things I really love to do when I visit a new city is to see it from above. So this was maybe my favorite place in Antigua. After a 20 minute hike, you’ll be at the top of Cerro de la Cruz, the Volcan de Agua will be in front of you and the wind will set you free. Enjoy the view!


Have you been to Antigua? Would you add a place to this list? Remember to share your pictures me! Also, find more pictures of my travels in my Instagram: @friendlytouring.