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The Best Gift I Have Ever Given To My Mom

What present should I get for my mom? An Unforgettable Gift Click here to see the original post I wrote for Xcaret Park’s Blog. There’s always a good reason to give something to my mom, but of course, there are some special dates like her birthday, mother’s day or Christmas, when I want to give [...]

How to pack light and make it all fit in a carry on

Traveling light How to become a packing expert. I am super excited because I will be traveling for two weeks to multiple destinations! Spoiler alert: Brussels, Athens, Istanbul, Dubai & Moscow! I know that it's crazy to cover all these cities in just two weeks, but that's another story I might tell you later. I [...]

5 fears you learn to overcome when you start traveling alone

Traveling Alone Overcoming Fears Click here to see the original post I wrote for Xplor Park's Blog. There is no doubt that traveling is a fascinating experience. It’s not a thing you do and forget, actually, I’m pretty sure that you cherish many of your past vacation memories. Maybe you even remember your first getaway with [...]