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Is it better to stay at a Hotel or Airbnb in Havana?

Hotel or Airbnb in Havana?   I've been to Cuba two different times and had the chance to enjoy both of experiences, staying at a Hotel and at an Airbnb. Each was completely different and I actually liked both, but if I go back again, which would I choose? For those of you who [...]

Dónde tomar esta popular foto en Bali

Todo Instagrammer debe tomar esta foto en Bali No es ningún secreto que Bali se ha convertido en uno de los destinos más concurridos de todos los viajeros en los últimos años. Muchos se lo atribuyen a la película de Come, Reza y Ama, pero en realidad Bali atrae a tantos turistas porque es un paraíso en la tierra. Su atmósfera relajada, playas [...]

Where to take this popular picture in Bali?

An Instagrammer must-take picture in Bali It's no secret that Bali has become one of the top destinations of travelers around the world in the last few years. Many attribute this to the Eat, Pray, Love film, but the truth is that Bali attracts so many tourists yearly because it's paradise on earth. Its laidback [...]