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Is it worth visiting Guatemala City?

Guatemala City When I was planning my trip to Guatemala I was very excited but didn't know where to go exactly. I knew I wanted to visit Antigua, but I wasn't sure where to go next. The plane I booked was bound to Guatemala City because there lays the main airport of the country. Tikal was [...]

Why Lake Atitlan blew my mind away

Panajachel, Guatemala Lake Atitlan The combination of wind and water is freedom for me, open spaces and natural sceneries make my heart beat faster with joy. Places like Hierve el Agua in Oaxaca and Niagara Falls in Canada made me feel complete, infinite. There's no wonder why I chose to live in Cancun. So when [...]

7 Things to do in Antigua Guatemala

Guatemala What to do in Antigua Antigua Guatemala is even more gorgeous than what I had seen in pictures. Three volcanoes: Volcán de Agua, Volcán de Fuego and Volcán Acatenango make the perfect setting for an unforgettable journey. I was amazed by its beauty in every street! Antigua is actually a small village, you can easily [...]

Xenotes Tour: A Luxurious Adventure

Discovering Riviera Maya's Cenotes Xenotes Tour Have you ever heard about Cenotes? Also known as sinkholes, they are amazing natural wells hidden across Riviera Maya and the Yucatan Peninsula, there are more than 5,000! You can read about them in my previous post. If you are coming to any of Riviera Maya's destinations, Cancun, Playa [...]